Courtney-photoHi there. If you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely interested in who I am and why I’m running a blog. Here’s my story:

I went to The University of Texas at Austin and studied pretty much everything they offered. I bounced from engineering to liberal arts to business and back around again. I literally had a conversation with an advisor one semester where I asked him, “What can I do to NOT graduate? I want to stay here longer. It’s amazing.”

That sums me up pretty well. I love learning. I started taking college-level classes over the summer after I completed 6th grade (shout-out to all the other SMU TAG nerds). Then started college two years early at the Texas Academy of Math and Science and finished at the Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities. I’m a news and data geek who loves internet memes and my yellow lab, Maggie.

After my time at UT, I started a business, gathered up a few clients and began my formal career in digital marketing. In 2010, I decided that I should leave Austin, TX and move to Colorado. By that time, I had also become a compulsive endurance athlete, so I found a job at a really great company called TrainingPeaks, where I worked with an amazing team on marketing their product — the most elite training software available for athletes.

In 2011, I decided that I really liked plate-spinning, so I joined the team at Room 214, a digital marketing agency, where I worked with Sanrio (parent company of Hello Kitty) and Forever 21. I learned a lot during my time there and (finally) began blogging and creating more of my own content. I published posts on the Capture the Conversation blog, Word of Mouth Marketing Association blog, Social Media Today and (of  course) here on my own site.

So here we are :)

If you’re into the stalking thing (no shame in that game—I do it too), here are links to find me around the series of tubes:

  • LinkedIn
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  • about.me (has links to all my other random profiles across the ‘net — except Facebook. I save FB for people I’ve actually met in real life. So, if we haven’t had that pleasure, let’s wait until we do before we make our Facebook relationship official, k? I swear I’m not a jerk. I’m just trying to keep a healthy separation between business and personal life…even though that may end up being in vain. Just let me have my little dream…)
This is Maggie (everyone calls her The Beast). She bit part of her tongue off when she was a puppy, so in addition to being a Mensa candidate, she is also one of a very small number of labs who don’t make a complete mess when drinking water.